Policy 32 – Pets on University Property

Established:​ January 14, 1972 

Last updated:​ September 27, 2002


Pets are prohibited from all University buildings, except for apartments which fall under the Tenant Protection Act. This does not apply to service dogs for persons with a disability.

Pets brought onto University property must be restrained by means of a leash or other control at all times, be licensed under the appropriate municipal by-law, and have their excrement removed by the pet owner[1]. Under no circumstances are pets permitted to run loose on University property.

Any violation of the above shall be reported to the University Police.

[1] The City of Waterloo By-law # 91-101 is a by-law to prohibit the running at large of dogs in the City of Waterloo, for imposing a licensing fee on the owners of dogs, for enforcing and regulating dogs found running at large and for other matters relating to dogs. City of waterloo By-law #98-92 is a by-law relating to dangerous dogs, potentially dangerous dogs and provides for licensing, regulation, and prohibition of pit bull dogs in the City of Waterloo.