Policy 24 – Tuition Benefit for Children of Faculty and Staff

Established: September 1, 1972 

Last updated: December 18, 2009 

Class: G


Regular faculty and staff members (see policies 76 and 54, respectively, for definitions) with an expected appointment duration of two years or more, may request a tuition benefit for their children. Based on Canada Revenue Agency's administrative position (retroactive to January 1, 2007), this benefit will be reported as a scholarship on a T4A to the student. For purposes of this policy, children are defined to include step-children and legally adopted children.


Children of eligible faculty and staff members enrolling in UW degree-credit programs or courses (excluding courses in a full cost recovery program), may receive a 50% reduction* in tuition fees per term, for a combined total of the normal number of terms of study required for each UW degree pursued. For purposes of this policy, tuition fees are deemed to include co-operative program or internship fees, where applicable. All other fees or charges are payable in full.

* The tuition benefit is based on the faculty or staff members' full-time equivalency (FTE). For example, a child of an eligible faculty or staff member who works three days per week (60% FTE) will receive a benefit based on one-half of 60% of the tuition, i.e., 30%


  1. Eligibility for the tuition benefit will continue only as long as the requesting faculty or staff member is on the University payroll in a regular appointment of two years or more (including approved leaves of absence and sabbaticals). When a faculty or staff member terminates employment with the University of Waterloo after the date of registration has passed and classes have commenced, the University will continue the benefit for that academic term.
  2. Retired faculty or staff members receiving a University of Waterloo pension may request a tuition benefit for their children. The level of benefit (see * above) will be based on the retired faculty or staff member's FTE at the time of retirement.
  3. Faculty or staff members receiving disability benefits under the University's disability benefit insurance program may request a tuition benefit for their children. The level of benefit (see * above) will be based on the faculty or staff member's FTE at the time of disability.
  4. Children of deceased faculty or staff members will be eligible for the tuition benefit as described in 2. above, provided the faculty or staff member qualified for children's tuition benefit at the time of death. The specific benefit applying will be the benefit in effect at the time application for the benefit is made.
  5. The tuition benefit is available only once for any course or term. When a term or courses are repeated, the full tuition will be payable by the individual.

Note: see Policy 4 re: tuition benefits for faculty and staff.