Policy 4 – Benefits to Faculty and Staff Undertaking Part-time Educational Programs

Established: June 29, 1961

Last updated: October 21, 1997 

Class: FS

1. General

The intent of this policy is to provide encouragement and financial assistance to faculty and staff members wishing to undertake educational programs on a part-time basis (maximum of two courses per term).

2. Eligibility

This policy shall apply to regular full- and part-time faculty and staff members with an expected appointment duration of two years or more, and to retired faculty and staff members receiving a University of Waterloo pension.

3. Educational Benefit

Eligible full-time faculty and staff members enrolling in UW degree-credit courses (excluding courses in a full cost recovery program) will receive free tuition for up to two courses per term*. For eligible part-time faculty and staff members, the educational benefit is prorated based on full-time equivalency (FTE). For instance, if the faculty or staff member works three days per week (60% FTE), tuition will be reduced by 60% for up to two courses per term.

Faculty and staff members may receive the educational benefit for credit courses taken at institutions other than UW only if their department Head determines that the courses are directly related to their current work assignment or planned future assignment, and that similar courses are not offered at UW. In this case, the department pays for the educational benefit.

Retirees receiving a UW pension are eligible for the educational benefit only for credit courses taken at UW.

4. Release from Normal Duties

The department Head will decide whether time off during normal working hours to attend courses can be granted.

Where the course is related to the present assignment or planned future assignment, time off will be granted; otherwise the time off will be made up.

5. Purchase of Books

The purchase of books or other materials will be the responsibility of the faculty or staff member, except where they are considered to be of continuing value as references within that member's department and the department Head approves of their purchase, in which case, the materials will remain the property of the department.

*Faculty and staff members may receive benefits for more than two courses per term in order to complete degree requirements.