Policy 9 – Exchange of Teaching Resources and Arrangements for Transferring Teaching Services from or to Affiliated and Federated Colleges, or Other Universities and Colleges


22 June 1964

Last Updated:

5 November 1975


28 February 2020. Amended, official titles only




The University of Waterloo encourages the exchange of teaching resources with other institutions where these arrangements are of benefit to the institutions and the post-secondary educational system as a whole. This policy is intended to facilitate such arrangements by outlining the approvals required and the mechanisms for obtaining approvals and authorizing payments.


  1. This policy applies to regular teaching services provided by members of the University's full-time faculty or staff over a term or an academic year, it does not apply to one-time, short-term services.
  2. Proposals to transfer teaching services are to be made in writing through the appropriate Chair and Dean for Faculty approval, and will be presented by the Dean of the Faculty to the Vice-President, Academic & Provost for University approval. Such proposals should contain information on the services to be performed, the amount of services expressed in terms of FTEs, the payment for the services, and the recommended disposition of the funds. The disposition of funds for services provided by the University of Waterloo may include a stipend to the individual in cases where the teaching service in question is clearly an overload above the individual's normal annual teaching, scholarly, and service responsibilities to the University of Waterloo.


All payments are to be made by one institution to another unless, in the case of services purchased by the University of Waterloo, the other institution directs through its Vice-President, Academic & Provost, or equivalent senior academic officer, that it wishes the funds paid directly to one of its faculty members. Payments made for teaching services provided by the University of Waterloo will be made to the University of Waterloo, not to the faculty member directly, and disbursed according to the approved recommendation.