Policy 15 – Bookings - Use and Reservation of University Facilities for Activities Not Regularly Timetabled


2 August 1978

Last updated:

29 February 1984


28 February 2020. Amended, official titles only.



1. Introduction

The University of Waterloo will make its facilities available, whenever possible, to the University community and to outside organizations for activities compatible with the purposes of the institution.

Notwithstanding the above, the University reserves the right to refuse space to any group, at its discretion.

2. Purpose

To establish guidelines for the use of University facilities when such facilities are not required for regularly scheduled academic, athletic or administrative purposes.

3. Scope

All University space (except the Theatres and Residences), facilities and miscellaneous equipment made available through the Bookings Office or the Student Life Centre Manager.

4. Definition of User Groups

a. Accredited Undergraduate Student Groups: Organized groups of students whose membership and constitution have been approved by the Federation of Students.

b. Accredited Graduate Student Groups: Any graduate student group approved by the Graduate Student Association.

c. Accredited University Groups: All departments of the University, research groups, Federated & Affiliated Colleges, and any group, club or organization recognized by the University or its Federated & Affiliated Colleges. In the case of the University, the Secretary of the University will determine status.

d. Community Charitable Organizations: Organizations such as the K-W Rotary Club, Lions Club, Children's International Summer Village, and others as approved by the Secretary of the University.

e. Non-accredited Student and Off-campus Groups: Organized groups which do not fall under A. to D. above.

5. Use of Facilities

  1. Groups, which fall under A., B. and C. (Section 4. above), will be granted space for their normal extra-curricular activities. No rent will be charged but, where services are required for such activities, out-of-pocket expenses will be recovered.
  2. Approved community charitable organizations will be granted space for their activities. No rent will be charged. Normally, out-of-pocket expenses will be recovered.
  3. Non-accredited student and off-campus groups may reserve space for meetings, conferences, symposia, etc., but will be charged a rental along with any out-of-pocket expenses.
  4. No group, other than the University of Waterloo Sailing Club, may reserve Columbia Lake for sailing purposes.
  5. Reservations must be made for the barbecue pits at Columbia Lake and Laurel Creek.

6. To Make Reservations

To reserve space, all enquiries should be directed to the Bookings Office.

Off-campus organizations are required to apply, in writing, at least two weeks in advance.

7. Bar Service

No alcoholic beverages may be served to off-campus groups, unless at a reception following a Theatre performance or as part of conference activities.

No individual or organization may supply alcoholic beverages for social functions on campus. Supply of such beverages shall be the sole responsibility of Bar Services, in accordance with LCBO regulations.

All functions involving alcoholic beverages shall be scheduled in areas licensed by the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario for such purposes.

8. Signs and Banners

Before any signs and banners may be installed on campus, permission must be granted by Plant Operations, who will supervise the installation of such signs/banners.

9. Sale of Merchandise and Services

Sale of merchandise and services shall be restricted to:

  1. Outlets or organizations owned and operated by the University for such purpose; e.g., Food Services, Print + Retail Services, Audio-Visual.
  2. Recognized University campus organizations; e.g., Federation of Students, student societies, Graduate Student Association.
  3. External companies under contract or agreement with the University; e.g., Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.

    Except as noted above, no group, organization or individual shall engage in commercial activities on campus without written permission of the Director of University Business Operations or her/his delegate.