Policy 22 – Regulations Governing the Installation of Equipment in University Buildings


4 January 1966

Last Updated:

1 December 1983


28 February 2020. Amended, official titles only.




Situations have arisen where it has been found impossible to install equipment purchased from academic, administrative and research budgets in a desired location because of the inability of the building structure, services, building codes, or fire regulations, to permit its installation. To enable the modification or planning of suitable facilities for such equipment in adequate time to enable installation on arrival, and to confirm total cost before commitment, the following apply.


  1. Prior to the issuing of a Purchase Requisition, Plant Operations shall be advised of any equipment being purchased which:
    1. Requires:
      1. to be secured by bolting or welding to floors, walls, roofs, or suspending from ceilings;
      2. cutting holes through any wall, floor, roof or other part of the structure;
      3. the extension of electrical or mechanical services for its operation;
      4. a power supply in excess of 5KW @ 120/208V single phase or three phase or 20KW @ 600V three phase.
    2. Equipment which because of its operation or bulk:
      1. has a gross weight in excess of 100 lbs. per sq.ft. if floor or roof mounted;
      2. has a gross weight in excess of 200 lbs. when wall mounted;
      3. has a gross weight in excess of 10 lbs. per sq.ft. when suspended from ceilings;
      4. will create vibration to a building structure when operating;
      5. will create a noise nuisance when operating;
      6. has overall dimensions which will prevent its installation in a building without the removal of door frames, windows or enlargement of existing accesses.
  2. Plant Operations has the responsibility to provide the requisitioner with information regarding the suitability of existing facilities to accept the new equipment. Where any modification or attachment to a building structure or services is required, a Work Request is to be issued to describe the work and show the estimate of cost involved. The Work Request, when approved by the requisitioner, will be attached to the equipment purchase requisition. The cost of such work will be charged to the same budget account as the equipment shown on the purchase requisition.
  3. No modification or attachment to a building structure or service shall be made by persons other than Plant Operations personnel unless such personnel have been specifically authorized by the Vice-President, Administration & Finance, or delegate.