Privileges for UW Retirees


UW Retirees are charged 25% of the normal rate. Parking spaces are allocated to retirees for occasional personal use.

Note: Retirees who receive this privilege should not be receiving any type of remuneration from the University, either from operating or research funds. Parking privileges do not depend on individual pension arrangements.


UW Retirees can join the PAC for the usual fee. Since the fee is nominal, no special concession is given.


Privileges do not change at retirement.


Retirees have access to a University of Waterloo email address within the domain. Staff retirees’ userid will be at the discretion of the University, and privileges for retired members of faculty are at the discretion of the appropriate department chair and Faculty dean.

University Club

Privileges do not change at retirement, other than a discontinuation of any credit arrangements.

Additional privileges, services or facilities may be given at the discretion of the department head, in consultation with the member of Executive Council to whom the department head reports, based on circumstances prevailing in the department at the time of the retirement in question and the anticipated future activities of the department.