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How to harness the power of Gen Z in your workplace

Unlock the potential of this generation by finding out what motivates them at work. 

You’ve probably already seen it – Generation Z has arrived in the workforce. In just one year, more than a quarter of the workforce will be from Gen Z.

Are you ready to harness the power of this dynamic generation?

Gen Z was born between 1997 – 2012 and have been shaped by technology, global events and a rapidly changing world. They possess unique characteristics that make them invaluable assets to any organization.

We can help you understand Gen Z better for your talent strategy! The University of Waterloo’s Work-Learn Institute (WxL) surveyed more than 2,000 co-op students to gain deep insights into this intriguing and fearless generation of talent.

Understanding Gen Z

If you understand them, they will come. As leaders, recognizing Gen Z's preferences, values and work habits is important. They are shaped by their upbringing and societal influences. Working with Gen Z can reap many benefits for your organization. Here's why you should be excited about recruiting, hiring and retaining employees from this generation of talent:

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Digital natives

Gen Z has grown up in a digital age, making them tech-savvy and adaptable to new technologies.

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Innovative thinkers

Raised in an era of rapid change, Gen Z brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.

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Socially conscious

Gen Z is passionate about making a difference in the world and seeks employers with strong social responsibility.

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Entrepreneurial spirit

With a desire to carve their own paths, Gen Z is entrepreneurial and eager to take on challenges.

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Are you ready to take your organization to the next level with Gen Z talent?

Join us in unlocking the potential of this generation's workforce. Learn more about attracting, recruiting and retaining Gen Z talent and building a future-ready workforce.

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Hear directly from Gen Z

We dedicate 40-plus hours a week to the companies that we work for. We want to know…we’ll receive equal amounts of dedication and care. Thinking of the values, self-direction is a lot like training and development and less important things like power are still about growth and opportunities.

Ingrid Kaffka (MA ’23), 2021 Arts Co-op student of the Year, co-op student at Red Canari

Ingrid Kaffka

How employers are engaging with Gen Z

Manjot Sidhu

A lot of employers focus on getting people through the door but may struggle to support them once they get into the organization. It’s important that employers continue to show a genuine interest in their employee’s success, providing them with resources, opportunities for growth and mentorship and consistent support throughout their journey.

Manjot Sidhu, talent acquisition co-ordinator, OpenText