Steps to hiring for summer or part-time work (alumni or current students):

  1. Visit key sections of our website:
  2. Visit WaterlooWorks to log in and post a job.
    1. If you've already recruited with us in JobMine, just reset your password.
    2. If this is your first time hiring at Waterloo, create an account.
    3. Indicate how alumni or students are to send their résumés to you. They apply to you directly.
  3. Sit back and relax:
    • Once our staff reviews and approves your job, it will be available for students to view and apply to on WaterlooWorks.
    • You'll receive an email confirmation when your applications are available to review. 
  4. Review résumés.
  5. Select the applicants you wish to interview and contact them directly.
  6. Interview students:
    • Contact candidates to make interview arrangements at your site or at the Tatham Centre on Waterloo's campus.
  7. Following interviews, you can contact applicants directly to extend job offers.