Interested in hosting an Employer Information Session?

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What is an Employer Information Session (EIS)?

An Employer Information Session is a recruiting event hosted by an employer looking to hire Waterloo students directly into their organization and is hosted in partnership with Co-operative and Experiential Education (CEE) at the University of Waterloo. Sessions can be held in person or virtually and can be a great way to connect with students and showcase your organization's opportunities.

An EIS allows you direct access to emerging talent to increase your brand visibility and make connections with Waterloo students. EIS sessions allow you to meet potential candidates for roles and increase your number of applications. Not to mention, we have a dedicated service team to support all sessions.

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Register to host an Employer Information Session

If you're looking to connect with students, the Employer Information Session (EIS) team will be here to assist you with the logistics of hosting an Information Session.

Registration open Recruiting term Work term
Wednesday, February 28, 2024, at 12:00 p.m. (ET)

Spring 2024

Info session takes place: May-Aug (recruitment for Fall work term)

Fall 2024

Please note: Effective for sessions taking place after May 1, 2024 the fee to host an Employer Information Session is increasing to $300 (plus applicable taxes).

  • Your event will be posted on the WaterlooWorks Employer Information Sessions calendar for all students to see and the session will be promoted on social media.
  • Each session costs $300 (plus applicable taxes) to host. This includes support from our team.
  • Please keep in mind that we don't host concurrent sessions (targeting the same student group) for both open and closed sessions.
  • Your EIS should complement your campus recruiting strategy and align with your job postings in WaterlooWorks for undergraduate, co-op and graduating students. Review our recruiting dates to ensure you submit your job postings by the deadline for students to apply.
  • Haven't posted your jobs in WaterlooWorks yet? Log in to WaterlooWorks now to submit your job postings to be posted in it for students to apply. If you post your jobs prior to the information session, you will be able to:
    • just-in-time notification to students who’ve registered for your event in WaterlooWorks
    • direct linking to your relevant open job descriptions to your event

In-person Employer Information Session

  • There is a maximum of 50 in-person sessions hosted each term at Waterloo's Tatham Centre.
  • In-person bookings will be on a first come basis via our registration form.
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Virtual Employer Information Session

  • Employers can use either their own platform to host the session or UWaterloo's webinar system, Cisco Webex Events.
    • If you choose to host your VEIS using UWaterloo's system, you will have access to virtual platform consultation to help you get set up, polling, chat, presenting and data collection options, test calls prior to the session, and in-chat monitoring support during the session.
  • If you post your jobs prior to the information session, you will be able to contact applicants on employer job postings affiliated with VEIS in WaterlooWorks.
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Check out our best practices for hosting a virtual information session

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Need help or want to chat?

Please connect with our EIS team at,, or complete our registration form, to set up a Virtual EIS or In-Person EIS (limited offering). Please note that EIS registration form open dates have also changed and continue to be updated as needed. If you have submitted a form or hosted a session within the last two years prior to the new registration opening date, you'll automatically be included in a communication reminder email informing you of when the registration form will open for the upcoming term. Should you wish to be included in this reminder, please contact


Phone: (519) 888-4567 ext. 40252

Accessing registration numbers

Since Winter 2020, students can register for Employer Information Sessions in WaterlooWorks. This means that the “level of interested students” will no longer be available outside of WaterlooWorks. By moving student registration into WaterlooWorks, we will be able to provide better EIS registration and attendance data. Please contact the EIS team if you have questions about your registration numbers.