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Changes to EIS for Spring 2020

Due to COVID-19, the University of Waterloo has made an important decision to continue with an alternative delivery system of operations for the Spring 2020 term. This means that all courses and exams will take place online. Students will not be on campus.


To help you continue with your recruitment efforts and connect with our students, we will be offering employers the opportunity to host Virtual Employer information Sessions (VEIS).

Learn more about setting up your VEIS

Learn more about updates to EIS for the Spring 2020 term and upcoming registration

Looking to host a recruiting event? The Employer Information Session (EIS) team looks forward to helping you coordinate your on-campus event. We're here to assist with all booking logistics, such as venue coordination, A/V booking, and figuring out whether catering is right for your session.

The first step in coordinating your EIS is to submit a registration request form. If you require additional information, please reach out to your University of Waterloo Account Manager, EIS Events Coordinator, or read our FAQ

Why host an info session with Co-operative Education at Waterloo?

  • Connection and a unique opportunity to interact with our students has never been more important. Our Virtual Employment Info Sessions (VEIS) allow you to do that - even if students are not on campus.
  • Complement your campus recruiting strategy for undergraduate and graduate students (co-op and regular) by promoting your brand on campus and connecting with targeted groups of students
  • A unique opportunity to recruit students for your organization. EIS is a great way to maintain your on-campus presence alongside consistent hiring and positive word-of-mouth marketing.  

How to set up your Virtual Employer Information Session (VEIS)

  • The Employer Information Sessions team is supporting employers interested in presenting virtual (VEIS) using Cisco WebEx UWaterloo set up events this Spring 2020. 

  • Up to this point, EIS has supported on-campus sessions and virtual sessions where employer is virtual, and students are on-campus. With campus operations continuing with an alternative method of delivery, we can’t wait to connect students and employers and look forward to the learnings that are sure to come out of this unique term ahead. 

  • Please reach out to for requests and our coordinators will guide you through our process.
  • Please keep in mind that we don't host concurrent sessions (targeting the same student group) for both open and closed sessions.
  • Your VEIS should complement your campus recruiting strategy and align with your job postings in WaterlooWorks for undergraduate, co-op and graduating students. Review our recruiting dates to ensure you submit your job postings by the deadline for students to apply.
  • Haven't posted your jobs in WaterlooWorks yet? Visit the post a job registration form to submit your job postings to be posted in WaterlooWorks for students to apply.

EIS Updates

Changes to Spring 2020 EIS

Looking to connect with students while they are away from campus? The Employer Information Session (EIS) team will be here to assist you with the logistics of a Virtual Employer Information Session (VEIS).

As such, no on-campus EIS requests are being processed until further notice. However, VEIS requests ARE currently being accepted.

Connect with our EIS team at,, to set up a VEIS.

Please note that EIS registration form open dates have also changed. Dates are to be determined.

Registration form open date Recruiting term Work Term
TBD Fall 2020 (info session takes place September – December: recruitment for Winter work term) Winter
TBD Winter 2021 (info session takes place January - March: recruitment for Spring work term) Spring
TBD Spring 2021 (info session takes place May - July: recruitment for Fall work term) Fall

Accessing registration numbers

Since Winter 2020, students can register for Employer Information Sessions in WaterlooWorks. This means that the “level of interested students” will no longer be available within the EIS calendar. By moving student registration into WaterlooWorks, we will be able to provide better EIS registration and attendance data. Please contact the EIS team if you have questions about your registration numbers. 

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