How to hire a co-op student

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At Waterloo, we have thousands of co-op students from 120+ programs available to hire each term. 

You can hire co-op students in several different ways.

WaterlooWorks is our centralized recruitment system. It makes it easy for you to connect with our students and find the talent you need. Here are the options for hiring co-op students:

WaterlooWorks co-op jobs

  • Full-Cycle Service job board: Use this board if you’re looking to hire a full-time co-op student for the current or upcoming co-op work term. Follow our hiring cycles to help reach the largest number of co-op students in Canada. Your service team is here to support you through your recruitment.
  • Employer-Student Direct job board: Use this board to hire co-op students flexibly outside of Waterloo’s hiring cycles. Connect directly with students for applications, interviews and offers. Please note that students may not be available for specific dates based on their academic schedule.

WaterlooWorks Contract, Part-Time and Volunteer job board

Use this board to post part-time, summer and volunteer positions and co-op opportunities that fall outside our standard work term requirements. All students, not just co-op students, can access jobs on this board.

Post a job outside of WaterlooWorks

If you choose to post outside of WaterlooWorks, like on your company website or an outside job board, we can still help! To get added visibility with Waterloo students, post your job on the Contract, Part-Time and Volunteer job board and direct students to the original posting. If you hire a student from Waterloo, they can submit the job for co-op credit.

To learn more about the various WaterlooWorks job boards, visit WaterlooWorks Help: Get started or connect with your account manager

Co-op hiring guide

WaterlooWorks is designed to help you reach the largest co-op student talent pool in Canada. Our online recruitment system uses hiring cycles to take you through the hiring process and our dedicated team will help you throughout the process.

Recruitment dates

Hire a co-op student anytime! Our co-op program runs year-round. So, our students are always available to hire for work terms that last four or eight months. We’ll help you find the right student for your organization on your timeline. 

Recruitment resources

Why hire Waterloo co-op students?