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Your WaterlooWorks dashboard

Your dashboard is your WaterlooWorks home page. It contains important information, including:

  • Contact information for your service team
  • Messages from your service team
  • Status of your current job posting(s)
  • Your upcoming interview schedule(s)
  • Co-op rank and match details
  • Co-op work term details and documents

Screenshot of WaterlooWorks dashboard

Dashboard tips

The following tips will help you to navigate the dashboard and make the most of the system.

  • Return to the dashboard from any WaterlooWorks page using the main navigation menu, or the Home tab.
  • Show or hide the main navigation menu by clicking the three horizontal lines (the side menu) beside the home button.
  • Use the Job Postings tab to view jobs you posted in WaterlooWorks and review applications.
  • Easily post or repost a job using the Post a job button on your dashboard.

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Job boards

To help you find the right candidates for job postings, WaterlooWorks offers three job boards to choose from:

  • Hire Waterloo Co-op: Use this board to hire a co-op student for the upcoming co-op work term. Your posting will follow our hiring cycles to help you reach the largest number of co-op students in Canada. With support from our team, you will participate in our rank/match process.
  • Hire Waterloo Other Jobs: Use this board to post part-time, summer and volunteer positions, or co-op opportunities that fall outside our standard work term requirements or hiring cycle timelines. This board can be accessed by all students, not just co-op students. If you think this job board is a good fit for your co-op job, please contact your account co-ordinator before posting.
  • Hire Waterloo Full-time Jobs: Use this board to post full-time jobs for graduating students and alumni (not co-op students).

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Your service team

We offer every employer a dedicated service team to help you with hiring and employing your co-op student(s).

Your WaterlooWorks dashboard includes a listing of your service team members and their area of expertise. Here’s an overview:

Inquiry Contact person Description
Students on work term Student advisor Your student advisor is the main contact for the students you hire and their direct supervisor(s). Contact them with any questions or guidance needed for students who are currently working with you.

Note: This role may be listed as “WTS” (work term support) in WaterlooWorks.

Job postings, interviews Account co-ordinator Your account co-ordinator helps you navigate our recruitment and hiring process. They can help you navigate and answer WaterlooWorks-related questions.

Note: This role may be listed as “HPS” (hiring process support) in WaterlooWorks.

Overall hiring and recruitment strategy and concerns Account manager Your account manager helps with hiring strategies, long-term planning and any issues that may arise.

Note: This role may be listed as “AM” in WaterlooWorks.

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Communicate with your service team

WaterlooWorks makes it easy to connect your service team through our messaging system on your dashboard.

How to send a message from your dashboard:

  1. Click the Send a Message button on your dashboard and our messaging system will direct your inquiry accordingly.
    View of service team contact information in WaterlooWorks
  2. Select the Category (and sub-category, if applicable) that best applies to your question or concern. These categories help direct your message to the right person.
  3. Complete the message details.
  4. Click Send.

To view messages and replies in WaterlooWorks:

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks.
  2. Click the My Messages button on your dashboard to see all messages received.
    1. A copy of this message will also be sent to the email listed on your account.
  3. Reply to messages in WaterlooWorks (preferred) or through your email.

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