Understanding accessibility in the workplace

By adopting accessible recruitment strategies that include talented and qualified co-op students and employees with disabilities, your organization will be better prepared for current and future recruitment challenges.

Being an accessible and inclusive employer:

  • Being an accessible employer means that you have removed barriers within your workspaces, employment practices and workplace culture, and are inclusive and accommodating of all employees and candidates with disabilities. 
  • Understand that all people experience disabilities differently - disabilities can be permanent, temporary, invisible or undisclosed.
  • Required workplace accommodations will vary for each individual. It’s important to speak with your employees about what they need to meaningfully participate at work, while respecting their right to privacy. Learn more about creating an accessible workplace.
  • Consult your human resources representative for existing policies and practices in place at your organization, or learn how to create an accessibility plan and policy.

Accessibility legislation and resources for employers: