Step-by-step co-op hiring guide

Co-op students in professional attire smiling
WaterlooWorks is designed to help you reach the largest co-op student talent pool in Canada. Our online recruitment system uses hiring cycles to take you through the hiring process. Posting a job on WaterlooWorks is free and we have a dedicated team to help you throughout the process.
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Benefits of using the WaterlooWorks co-op Full-Cycle Service job board

  • Free-of-charge, one-stop-shop to post job(s), reserve interview dates/times, select interview candidates, conduct interviews, rank candidates and match with a student.
  • Posting your job on WaterlooWorks will maximize your exposure to our top talent:
    • We have thousands of co-op students available every term.
    • The Full-Cycle Service job board is the first place students go for job opportunities.
  • Our hiring cycles and rank-match process connect you with students across all our 120+ programs.
    • Hiring cycles give you the flexibility to hire at the right time for your organization.
    • The majority of students (approximately 80%) are employed via the rank/match process.
  • Access personalized support during the entire recruitment and hiring process. Your dedicated service team includes an account manager and account co-ordinator.

Steps to hire through the Full-Cycle Service job board