Targeted degrees and disciplines

WaterlooWorks offers advertising clusters to help you target your job posting to students from specific program degrees and disciplines. Clusters help you to find students that are best suited for your job based on their expertise. You will find the advertising clusters listed in the Targeted Degrees and Disciplines section of your job posting.

Every advertising cluster is associated with multiple academic plans. Students can search for jobs based on these clusters. Selecting clusters will help you target the right applicant pool.

When posting your job, you can choose from two types of advertising clusters:

We’ve listed all the clusters and their associated academic programs to help determine which are applicable to your job posting(s).

How to apply academic and thematic clusters:

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks
  2. While posting your job, navigate to the Targeted Degrees and Disciplines section of your job posting.

    Targeted degrees and disciplines section of a job posting in WaterlooWorks
  3. From the available clusters, select a maximum of six clusters that apply to your job posting.
  4. Students can choose to search for jobs based on the clusters.
    • Note: Any student can apply to any job in WaterlooWorks, so you may still receive applicants from other programs. If you’re only interested in hiring students from specific faculties or programs, add pre-screening questions to your job posting or sort/filter the applications you receive by faculty/program.

Tip: Expand all content below and use control + F (find command) to search for various degrees and disciplines that align with the appropriate thematic and academic clusters for your job posting.

Thematic clusters

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Academic clusters

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