Please note: These steps do not apply to the Employer-Student Direct job board.  

Methods for interviews

Through the Full-Cycle Service job board, there are multiple methods to conduct your interviews (detailed instructions below). Ahead of your interview, we recommend reviewing our instructions and tips for preparing for your interviews.

The options available for conducting your interview are:

Note: It is important to adhere to interview times. All interview schedules are listed in Eastern Time. Please make any time zone adjustments as necessary.

WaterlooWorks integrated webcam interviews

WaterlooWorks integrated webcam is a simple and no-hassle method for interviewing students remotely. Features include:

  • Application package tab to view/download résumés and cover letters.
  • Interview and job posting tabs with information about your interview and related job postings.
  • Code editor tab for sharing simple code examples in real-time in a variety of languages — a great way to assess a student’s coding abilities.
  • Chat panel to send messages to your interviewee or to our CEE Hub team during standard hours of operation.
  • Does not require any additional software downloads, log ins, or individual links.
  • Standard audio, video and screen-sharing controls.
  • Note: Code editor content and chat logs cannot be compiled or saved/exported.

See below for steps to conduct your interviews via WaterlooWorks integrated webcam.

Preferred digital platform interviews

  • Create your interview schedule on WaterlooWorks as usual, using Employer-arranged webcam as your preferred interview method.
  • Before your scheduled interview, contact each student directly via their email address provided on the interview schedule. Send each student a meeting link and any necessary instructions.
  • On the day of your interview, contact each student via your preferred digital platform during their scheduled interview time slot.

Phone interviews

  • Create your interview schedule on WaterlooWorks as usual using Phone as your preferred interview method.
  • On the day of your interview, call each student directly during their scheduled interview time slot. Each student’s phone number is listed on your interview schedule.
  • For conference calls, students will contact the number in the interview schedule.

In-person interviews

  • In-person interviews are available during:
  • There are a limited number of spots available each day between 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. ET.
  • A reservation is required to interview in person. Consider making your reservation when you post your job as there is limited availability. (Note: reservations must be made a minimum of four business days in advance of the interview date, no exceptions)
  • Currently, in-person interviews are only available at the Tatham Centre on our main campus. Architecture and Pharmacy interviews will continue as virtual only at this time.

After your interviews (cycles 1-6 only)

  • All job offers go through our rank/match process. Please do not make job offers directly.
  • Submit your rankings in WaterlooWorks on the day of your interview, or as soon as possible following your interviews.
  • Due dates for ranking submissions are listed on the recruitment dates webpage.
  • If you need assistance, contact your service team directly by sending a message in WaterlooWorks.

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