Create and submit your interview schedule

Go to: Create interview schedule | View/manage interview schedule

Please note: These steps do not apply to the Employer-Student Direct job board. 

For jobs posted on the Full-Cycle Service job board, you’ll receive emails to review application packages and select candidates to create your interview schedule. You must create and submit your interview schedule at least four (4) business days before your interview reservation date.

An interview reservation is required to create an interview schedule. Follow these steps to create an interview reservation.

Create/submit an interview schedule

When scheduling interviews, please ensure that your student applicants have enough time to prepare for your interview. A best practice is to provide multiple time slots for applicants to choose from. Create your schedule as soon as you select your interview candidates to ensure a smooth interview process.

WaterlooWorks provides you with an option to select alternate interviewees. We recommend selecting Alternates when creating your schedule. If a student can no longer make an interview or a special circumstance arises, our system will add an alternate interviewee into an open slot.

To select interviewees and submit your interview schedule:

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks.
  2. Navigate to the Job Postings tab and click View Apps next to your job title.
    1. This option will only appear for job postings that have closed. The status will show as Expired - Apps Available.
  3. On the Applicants page, you’ll see the applicants who are available.
  4. Change the status of the applicants you want to interview:
    1. Selected for Interview: Adds applicants to your interview schedule.
    2. Alternate 1/2/3:  Identifies alternate applicants you would interview if any of the students you selected become unavailable.
    3. Not Selected: Identifies applicants you do not want to interview. You also have the option of leaving the status of the applicant as Applied.

      View of changing the status of applicants in WaterlooWorks
  5. Click Finalize Interview Selections.
  6. Select Finalize and Create Schedule.
  7. The system will take you through where you can adjust your start time, length of interviews and enter the interviewer’s information. Follow the process to the end.
    1. We suggest a minimum interview timeslot length of 20 minutes.
    2. If the time reserved is not enough to complete all your interviews, you can reduce the length of each interview or contact your service team for assistance. The Interviewer field should list all the interviewers that will be present for the interviews (separate their names with a comma). Only enter one email address, phone number, or webcam ID for interviews that are not in-person.
  8. Once we approve your schedule, you can view and manage it from your dashboard.
  9. After finalizing your interview selection and schedule, contact your service team if you need to make any changes.

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View and manage your interview schedule

Once your interview schedule is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

To view your interview schedules (both approved and pending) follow these steps:

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks.
  2. Click the Interviews tab from the dashboard.
  3. Click View to open the schedule and see it in more detail.
  4. As students select their timeslots, their names will populate on the page. You can print the schedule from this page.

Need help? We can help manage your interview schedule and address any concerns.

To make any changes, return to your dashboard and click Send A Message to contact your service team through WaterlooWorks.

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