Job title guidelines

Why job titles are important when hiring

Job titles are a powerful way for employers to attract suitable applicants. Students often have limited time to review and consider the variety of jobs posted. Using keywords to search for jobs that appeal to them is important to students in their job search efforts.

An accurate job title provides clarity around the job. Postings with better clarity are more likely to receive applicants with interest and knowledge in that field.

Tips for writing job titles

Various jurisdictional requirements prevent the use of professional designations by anyone who is not an accredited member of those professions. Instead, use the following job titles based on the co-op programs offered at Waterloo:

Avoid professional designation: Instead, use:
Accountant Accounting assistant or student-in-accounts
Actuary Actuary assistant or actuarial assistant
Architect Architectural assistant
Engineer Engineering assistant
Financial planner Financial planning assistant
Kinesiologist Kinesiologist assistant
Pharmacist Pharmacy assistant
Planner Planning assistant
Teacher Teaching assistant or student teacher

Going beyond the label of "co-op student"

Using more descriptive labels in your job title can help students understand the nature of your position. This also translates better on their resumes for the future.

Avoid using: Instead use:
Intern Assistant
Co-op, student, co-op student Assistant, analyst, associate

Some exceptions apply when the term may be used in recognized professions such as therapeutic intern, student teacher and student-in-accounts. Please contact your account manager if you have questions about appropriate job titles for your job postings.

Write the perfect job description

First time writing a job description? Download our guide and template How to write a job description for next gen talent. Backed by research from Waterloo’s Work-Learn Institute, you’ll learn how to make your job description stand out and attract the right applicants.