Update work term details and contact information

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Throughout the work term, our Co-operative Education service team provides technical support, regular check ins, and requests student performance evaluations. By default, we check in with the person who posted the job (the hiring contact). If needed, please be sure to update the contact information on the work term record to reflect the individual who will be managing these tasks.

To change the contact information on your work term record:

  1. Log in to WaterlooWorks.  
  2. From the dashboard, click the Hires tab.  
    Screenshot of the 'Hires' tab in WaterlooWorks
  3. Click View on the record of the student whose Work term details you need to update.  
  4. Under the work term details tab click Edit.  
  5. Make changes to the contact information.  
  6. Click Save.    

Good to know:

  • The contact person included on the work-term record does not need to be the same contact with the overall organization’s WaterlooWorks account.

  • The contact person for the role can complete the mid-term eCheckIn and the student's performance evaluation without logging in.
  • We send check-ins via email and, if necessary, you can forward them to the appropriate contact at your organization.