Submit a student performance evaluation

Near the end of the work term, supervisors will receive an email reminder to complete a student performance evaluation form for each co-op student hired.  

Submitting a student performance evaluation (SPE) is mandatory for your student(s) to receive co-op credit for their work term at your organization. The rating you assign will be part of the student’s co-op work history for future employers to see.  

Learn more about the student performance evaluation and the competencies students are evaluated on.  

Steps to complete the student performance evaluation (SPE): 

  1. We’ll send an email to the contact listed on the work term record with a unique link for each student.
    1. You can forward this email to the student's supervisor or any other individual responsible for completing the evaluation.
    2. If you hired multiple students, we send one email per student with a unique link.
    3. A WaterlooWorks account is not required to complete the SPE.  
  2. Click the unique link in the email to navigate to the Student Performance Evaluation Form.
  3. Review the instructions and complete each question.
  4. Use the Save as Draft button to save your progress and return to finish the performance evaluation later or to review it with the student before submitting.
    1. Note: Evaluations that are saved in draft are not visible to students and do not result in the student receiving credit. You must submit your evaluation for the student to see and receive credit for their rating.
  5. Use the Submit button when the evaluation is complete. Once the evaluation is submitted, it cannot be edited and your co-op student will be able to see it in WaterlooWorks. 


If a student is rated Unsatisfactory, they do not receive official credit for the work term.