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Each job posting on WaterlooWorks contains a Work Terms Rating tab. It provides an overall hiring history report for each organization that hires Waterloo co-op students. The content on the work term ratings tab is based on anonymous data submitted by students over the past nine terms.

To ensure anonymity for students, WaterlooWorks only reports this information when there are five or more work term ratings for the employer at either the organization or division level. The ratings are reflective of the division or organization, not the individual supervisor or hiring manager.

These ratings benefit both students and employers.

Submitting and reviewing ratings directly in WaterlooWorks enables students to have peer-reviewed assessment of potential co-op employers. This information helps students to make informed decisions when applying for positions.

Employers can use the data on the Work Term Ratings tab to identify long term trends and, if needed, adjust their approach to hiring and supervising future co-op students.

Follow these steps to access work term ratings:

  • Log in to WaterlooWorks.
  • In your dashboard, you will see your Work Term Ratings average displayed (providing you have a minimum of five work term ratings from previous co-op students).
    • The same information is available on each job posting for students to review.
  • For hiring history and more details click the Work Term Ratings tab.
    • The rating is an average based on the rating all co-op students have provided for the organization over the past nine terms.
    • The work term rating information is visible to both students and employers.
Screenshot of the 'Work term ratings' tab in WaterlooWorks

Important information:

  • Student ratings reflect the division and organization only, not of individual hiring managers.

  • We generate the reports once per term after receiving ratings from co-op students from the previous work term. If there are any changes to the employer rating after the reports are created, they’ll be reflected in the following term’s report.

  • Students and employers access identical reports.

  • Hiring History provides summary information about an employer’s co-op hiring history over the past nine terms.

  • Work Term Rating Summary is generated when there are a minimum of five student ratings (required to produce an anonymous rating).

  • Rate My Work Term content was developed in close partnership with student representatives from across campus.

  • Rate My Work Term is part of the Work Term Recap survey which all co-op students are asked to complete at the end of their work term. Work term ratings are compiled with data received from Rate My Work Term.

  • CEE does not provide nor remove individual student work term ratings.

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Questions our students are asked:

The following outlines the student’s Rate My Work Term process including the scale and types of questions they answer in WaterlooWorks. The student responses to these questions are anonymous and are collected over several work terms to create the Work Term Rating Summary.


There are seven individual questions and an overall satisfaction question.

  • Questions one to seven are on a five-point scale — the most appropriate scale for surveys involving multiple questions. The design of the survey helps to ensure respondents do not experience survey fatigue before they complete the survey.
  • Question eight, the overall rating question is on a 10-point scale to be consistent with satisfaction ratings students submit throughout the term.

Rate My Work Term questions

Students are asked to rate the following:

  1. Availability of employer support (e.g., start of the term in the company, ongoing interactions with supervisors/others, general feedback and end-of-term transition).
  2. Opportunities to learn or develop new skills.
  3. Opportunities to make meaningful contributions at work.
  4. Opportunities to expand your professional network.
  5. Appropriate compensation and/or benefits.
  6. How closely your work was related to your academic program.
  7. How closely your work was related to the skills you are developing at university.
  8. Your overall satisfaction level with your work term (satisfaction takes into consideration the work being assigned, support and resources, the work environment, whether the job is meeting your expectations, etc.).
  9. How likely would you be to recommend a co-op job at this organization to a friend or fellow co-op student?
  10. I can see myself working at this organization after graduation.

Contact your account manager to answer any questions you have regarding work term ratings.

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