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Finding the right talent with diverse ideas and perspectives to enhance your team may mean looking beyond borders. Access top talent from the University of Waterloo, Canada’s most innovative university for the past 30 years.

Our co-op students/interns bring valuable critical thinking skills formed from their unique combination of innovation, technological ability and research skills. Waterloo is home to more than 26,000 co-op students/interns from more than 120 academic programs.

What’s the value of co-op?

Join a global network of more than 8,000 employers from across 60 countries who have experienced the value of hiring from Waterloo. Co-operative Education (co-op) is a work experience program, and academic requirement, where post-secondary students alternate between classroom learning and hands-on work experience.

While on a study term, our students learn from leading researchers and instructors. During a work term, students work full-time hours, as well as complete a professional development course, to earn their co-op credit. Work terms are typically 12-16 weeks during semesters and can be done back-to-back: January to April (winter), May to August (spring) and September to December (fall).

Benefits of being a Waterloo employer?

  • Hire top talent from 10,000 students available each term, in six different disciplines/faculties.
  • Receive dedicated full-service support for each step in your hiring strategy.
  • Diversify your hiring with international talent to enrich your organization.
  • Benefit from financial gain. Earn up to a $2 CAD return on average for every $1 CAD invested in hiring Waterloo co-op students/interns.

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