Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award for Capstone Design

The Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award provides a minimum of six awards, ranging in value from $5,000-$10,000 each, for student teams enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering's Fourth-Year Capstone Design Project. The awards are open to student teams from all departments within the Faculty of Engineering.

These awards are made possible by a generous donation from The Esch Foundation. The objective of the Esch Foundation is to support the development of students receiving training in the interdisciplinary applications of Engineering Sciences. The goals of the Esch Foundation include supporting creative and entrepreneurial students in the pursuit of research and development and its commercialization for the benefit of Canada.

How do I Apply?

Interested students must complete the intent to compete form.

Instructions for applying:

1. Open the online application form

2. Fill out the form (only one student per team needs to fill out the form)

3. Click the "Submit" button

The application deadline is January 22, 2022.

Your application will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Associate Director of the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business. More information will be provided once this initial review has been completed.    

What are the judging criteria?

Selection of the outstanding design projects will normally take place following the departmental project symposiums held in mid-March. The winning teams will be determined by a panel of judges including faculty members from the Conrad School and other departments in the Faculty of Engineering. The projects will be assessed based on the degree of innovation and the merit of a business model/plan submission. 

Only a selection of applicants will be invited to submit a business model/plan.  

The award funds will be divided equally among the winning team members. 

How do I find out more?

Review the Capstone Design website, or email Esteban Veintimilla with any questions.

About Norman Esch

Mr. Norman Edward Blake Esch was born on May 5, 1918 in Toronto, Ontario. After the war years, Mr. Esch became involved with lithography and in 1950, using what few funds he had, started his own company, Graphic Litho Plate. This company under his leadership became a leader in the commercial printing industry. Mr. Esch’s interest were not only focused on his entrepreneurial endeavours but also as a passionate and devoted supporter of the Arts and as an accomplished and talented pianist.

Mr. Esch was described as “a great salesman” which led him to become a driving force behind the printing industry in Toronto. In addition to his flagship company, Graphic Litho Plate, he was instrumental in the development of several other business’s all related to the printing industry. Mr. Esch who passed away on August 25, 2010 at the age of 92 was a highly successful and well regarded business leader.

The Esch Foundation was established in November 2004. Mr. Esch believed that the future of Canada would be well served by engineers. It was his wish that the Foundation would directly support the development of students receiving training within the interdisciplinary applications of Engineering Sciences. The Esch Foundation’s goals include supporting creative and entrepreneurial  students in the pursuit of research and development and its commercialization for the benefits of Canada.