Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for the Enterprise Co-op program?

All co-op students from any faculty (Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics, Science and Health) are eligible to apply if their status in WaterlooWorks is without any penalties, and they are on-stream for the work term.

Regular program students who have been accepted to the Minor in Entrepreneurship program and are scheduled for a non-school term are also eligible to apply. 

Can students take their E Co-op term abroad?

All students are required to spend their work term in Canada.

Does the E Co-op program provide advisors?

What are some of the requirements of the E Co-op program?

All students are required to attend Ignition Week (five-day startup bootcamp orientation) at the beginning of the work term (more information can be found in the application form). Students are required to submit beginning-of-term goals, objectives, and milestones, which are approved by the E Co-op Coordinator, as well as progress reports every two weeks. Students are required to present at End of Term Presentation Day (full day attendance at the end of work term).

Do you want to learn more about the program? Join us for an information session held at the Conrad School.

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