To stay at the forefront of the global economy, it is essential to develop businesses that are relevant and viable. Researchers at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business are devoted to forward-thinking work on innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization.

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How do we support talent when life happens?

Imagine a health condition that is deeply personal, involves profound losses and requires you to travel to an out-of-town clinic several times a week. It may last for weeks, months, even years but you're afraid to tell your employer.

"A growing number of women have to face this situation when they receive an infertility diagnosis. In fact, 1 in 6 Canadian couples are affected by infertility," says Dr. Nada Basir.

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Systemic gender barriers mean going it alone may not be the answer for all new women entrepreneurs in Canada

A new study reveals that inexperienced entrepreneurial women in Canada still see more success when partnering with experienced men than when partnering with experienced women or going it alone.

According to Dr. Horatio M. Morgan, women-owned businesses typically underperform in terms of growth rate, profitability, survival rate, number of employees and productivity relative to businesses owned by men.

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Research focuses on business and entrepreneurship

  • New venture creation
  • Small business and entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial strategy
  • Entrepreneurship policy
  • Entrepreneurial organizations
  • Family-owned organizations
  • Organizing entrepreneurial firms
  • Entrepreneurial cognition and decision-making
  • Corporate and social entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and strategic renewal within existing organizations
  • Organizational management and leadership