BETS details for employers

The BETS program places two University of Waterloo junior engineering, mathematics (including computer science), environment and arts (including accounting and finance) co-op students with your company for a 14-week project-based placement. This program, intended for early-stage companies that are unable to hire full-time 16-week co-ops, provides access to students who can help you achieve short term business objectives through a 14-week placement. Because BETS are in teams of two people, onboarding and learning are accelerated, allowing the students to dive into new projects quickly.

Potential placement tasks include:

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  • Assisting with web or mobile app development
  • Improving and iterating an existing user interface
  • Market research, data analysis/reporting and customer discovery
  • Marketing strategy and content creation
  • Prototype development and testing (breadboarding, working with hardware, 3D printing)
  • General accounting and office administrative work
  • Support for all areas of accounting, financial, and performance management
  • Office administrative work and sales support activities


  • Due to COVID-19, all placements will be virtual.
  • Companies located in Canada are invited to apply.

The application and interview process

  • Interested companies are asked to complete an application form 
    • Please provide a thorough description of your company, its mission, and your current projects.
    • Choose projects which are associated with business objectives that a reasonably achievable within a 14-week period; provide clear descriptions of tasks associated with those projects.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the BETS Coordinator; selected companies will be contacted for a short interview.
  • A maximum of 30 companies will be selected; completion of an application and interview does not guarantee a student placement with your company. The process is competitive, and we are looking for placements that will provide students with the greatest learning experience and positive impact on your business objectives during that time.
  • Students are matched with successful placement companies on the basis of project requirements and student skillset.

Costs to partner companies

Companies are asked to pay a $3,000 fee per team (2 students) for a 14-week placement.

The Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business is grateful to The Esch Foundation for its generous support of the BETS program.