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Undergraduate Conrad School students doing a group project

BET courses teach you how to turn ideas into opportunities. Study entrepreneurship and business with undergraduate courses from the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business. 

Not sure where to start? Check out BET 100 - Foundations of Entrepreneurial Practice - an online course that offers an academic overview of the fundamentals of entrepreneurship.

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Alumni from Penta Medica took BET300. Watch how Penta Medical is helping pro-athletes stay in the game.

I would like to thank all the incredible professors at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business who have taught me the necessary skills to research, observe, and question the greatest challenges experienced in the workplace. I will forever be grateful for the endless inspiration and knowledge transfer I have experienced from the Conrad team. 

Ashley Juraschka

BET 100 (online) Foundations of Entrepreneurial Practice

Successful entrepreneurs combine intellectual rigour with innovation to create solutions that have an impact. It is a process that starts with a search for “big ideas” using tools such as research, observation, and appreciative inquiry. Next, entrepreneurs analyze situations and apply creativity techniques to develop solutions. Finally, solutions are tested against business drivers including customer value propositions, customer identification, channel selection, and resource needs. This course covers the three steps that form the foundation of all entrepreneurial success: big ideas, solutions, and testing. Because of its broad scope, the course is valuable to students from different academic backgrounds, entrepreneurship interests, and program levels.

Offered: F, W, S

Note: List C for engineering complementary studies

BET 210 (online) Business Technologies and Infrastructure

Modern organizations increasingly rely on a technological infrastructure that informs what can be accomplished, the prospects for long-term growth, and its overall competitiveness. In this course, students will learn about underlying technologies, gain insights into planning for new technologies, evaluate existing systems and understand the various roles and issues related to corporate Information Systems management.

Offered: F, W, S

BET 300 Foundations of Venture Creation

This course is available to students who are committed to starting a venture through E Co-op, Velocity or on their own. The course is an introduction to the processes involved in moving an idea from conception to launch. Topics covered include:

  • definition and evaluation of entrepreneurial opportunities
  • crafting clear value propositions
  • business models and startup processes
  • business plan framework

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. To apply, complete the application form.

Offered: F, W, S

Note: List C for engineering complementary studies