Research Areas

Magdanz lab

Biomedical Engineering (BME) research at Waterloo spans the foundational and growth areas of the field to make the greatest impact on societal health needs now and into the future.


Biomaterials, tissue engineering and drug delivery

Including regenerative medicine

Advances medical interventions and treatment through the restoration, maintenance, improvement, and replacement of biological tissues using cells and materials engineering.


Biomechanics and rehabilitation

Including both solid and fluid biomechanics

Examines the mechanical aspects of biological structures and movement to optimize recovery, prevent injuries, and develop assistive devices.


Biomedical signals and devices

Including EEG, EMG, brain-computer interfaces and neuroscience applications, micro and nano devices

Explores the acquisition and measurement of physiological signals in living systems to extract meaningful information to identify patterns and trends.


Biomedical imaging technology

Including ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, optics, microwave

Enhances the technology used to visualize biological structures to diagnose and monitor medical conditions.


Biomedical informatics

Including AI, big data, population, and health system studies

Applies principles of computer and information science to transform biomedical research, the delivery of healthcare services, and public health.