Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board planner (CEAB planner)

Engineering students are required to take complementary studies electives and technical electives in order to meet the requirements set by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

The Department of Systems Design Engineering provides a planner to assist students in selecting appropriate complementary and technical electives to meet graduation requirements. See the step by step guide to get you started with the planner.

Submit your CEAB planner 

All 3A students must submit the planner to the undergraduate advisor via e-mail, outlining course selections that will enable completion of the requirements for graduation. A final submission of the planner is required by the end of the 4A term (the last day of classes).

If you change your course selections, you should revise your planner and resubmit it immediately for approval. This should be done prior to the "last day to add a course" date, so that any changes in your schedule can be made with ease.