Intelligent & Automated Systems

Intelligent and automated systems are technology-driven solutions that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to autonomously perform tasks, make decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances. These systems leverage data and algorithms to optimize efficiency, reduce human intervention, and achieve smart, self-improving functionality in various applications across industries. 


Player Tracking and Identification in Hockey

Tracking and identifying players in ice hockey is crucial for computer vision-based analytics. This challenging task involves fast-paced, non-linear player motion, camera panning, and zooming. An automated system is introduced to track and identify players in NHL broadcast videos. It consists of three components: player tracking, team identification, and player identification. The system achieves a 94.5% MOTA score for player tracking, 97% accuracy for team identification, and utilizes a novel player identification model with an 83% accuracy, incorporating player bounding box sequences and NHL game roster data.

Project by Kanav Vats, Mehrnaz Fani, Dr. David Clausi, Dr. John Zelek