Physical & Mechatronic Systems

Physical and mechatronic systems are integrated mechanical and electronic systems designed to perform specific physical tasks or operations. They combine mechanical components with sensors, actuators, and control systems to enable precise, automated, and adaptable functionality in areas such as robotics, manufacturing, and automation.


Chaotic Evolution of Quantum Degenerate Plasma Waves

Almost every significant phenomenon can be well explained by a nonlinear dynamical system. The focus of my studies is the development of mathematical models to describe the dynamics of quantum degenerate plasma waves. I used numerical simulations and chaos theory to investigate the periodicity, quasiperiodicity, chaotic evolution, hidden complexities, and control of those waves.

Project by Dr. Eihab Abdel-Rahman, Dr. Hassan Amir Shah, Dr. Muhammad Nouman Sarwar Qureshi, Zeeshan Iqbal

Modal Interaction in Electrostatic MEMS

The researchers are building an indirectly excited electrostatic MEMS scanning mirror. The mirror will take energy from a planar excitation mode and channel it into a scanning mode. This allows the research team to achieve largeoptical scanning angles (larger than 20 degrees) while keeping the actuation voltage limited to about 20V.

Project by Dr. Eihab Abdel-RahmanSasan Rahmanian 

Ultra-High Selectivity and Sensitivity in Organic Gas Sensing

This research project aims to develop noise-driven MEMS cantilever gas sensors coated with Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) to achieve ultra-high sensitivity and selectivity for volatile organic compound (VOC) detection.

Project by Dr. Eihab Abdel-Rahman, Masoud Akbari, Hamza Mouharrar, Dr. Kevin Musselman