The 2024 Faculty of Engineering Awards dinner celebrated the achievements of faculty and staff from the Department of Systems Design Engineering.

Internal Engineering Excellence Awards

Recipient Award
Dr. Paul Fieguth Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision
Dr. Maud Gorbet Faculty Service Excellence Award
Dr. Jennifer Howcroft Boyce Family Award for Teaching Excellence
Sarah Landy Faculty Outstanding Staff Performance Award
Dr. John Zelek En-Hui Yang Award

Faculty of Engineering

Recipient Award
Dr. Shi Cao Faculty Distinguished Professor
Dr. Jennifer Howcroft Faculty Distinguished Professor

Staff Years of Service

Recipient Award
Mitra Seyedahmad Five years of service
Danijela Vukancic Fifteen years of service

University of Waterloo

Recipient Award
Dr. Andrea Scott Outstanding Performance Award
Dr. Thomas Willett Outstanding Performance Award

External Awards

Recipient Award
Dr. David Clausi Fellow, Engineering Institute of Canada
Dr. Keith Hipel Life member, Royal Society of Canada
Dr. John McPhee Gold Medal, Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)
Dr. Alexander Wong

Engineering Medal in Entrepreneurship, Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO)
Fellow, International Society for Design and Development in Education
Fellow, Royal Society of Medicine

Fellow, Royal Society of Health
Fellow, Institute of Physics

Dr. John Yeow Fellow, IEEE

Photo (L-R): Shannel Noseworthy, Dr. Carolyn MacGregor, Dr. Shi Cao, Dr. David Clausi, Dr. Thomas Willett, Sarah Landy, Dr. Maud Gorbet, Dr. John McPhee, Dr. Jennifer Howcroft, Dr. John Yeow, Dr. John Zelek, Dr. Paul Fieguth, Dr. Charbel Azzi

Photo credit: Patricia Shaw, PEng