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The department administers two Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree programs - systems design engineering and biomedical engineering. All engineering students participate in the co-operative study program, alternating between study and work terms and graduating with valuable, practical experience that complements their academic work.

How to apply

Interested in applying? Find out more information about how to apply to the Systems Design Engineering program.

Design thinking

In first year, systems design students engage in design workshops that involve devising solutions to problems.


Comparing Systems Design

In the early semesters the focus is on building general engineering knowledge which is different from the other engineering programs at Waterloo.

Compatibility quiz

Interested in systems design but you're still unsure what program your interests align with, we've built a program compatibility tool for you to use.


Waterloo EngChat program

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Tours and Events

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Program description: Systems design engineering

Program description: Biomedical engineering

Systems Design & Biomedical Engineering videos

Learn more about the Systems Design Engineering undergraduate program from Professor Lisa Aultman-Hall, PhD.

Learn more about the Biomedical Engineering undergraduate program from Professor Maud Gorbet, PhD.

See some of the best Waterloo Engineering highlights in the campus tour video.

Options available to systems design students

Note: options often require taking extra courses during an academic term. Students are allowed to take one extra course during an academic term and must have an average of greater than 70% in each of the previous two academic terms.