Illumina MiSeq System​ on the left and a side view of NextSeq 2000 with blue light on the right​

Waterloo Genomics Surveillance Centre


The Waterloo Genomics Surveillance Centre (WGSC) provides genomic sequencing and analytical services in support of surveillance and research activities. These services include library preparation, sequencing, and bioinformatics support. The WGSC is a centralized Core Research Facility under the Office of Research located in the Biology Department. 

The WGSC provides access to Illumina sequencers (MiSeq & NextSeq) as well as provides technical support for library preparation and QA/QC processes. The WGSC has specialized equipment to aid in the preparation (e.g. thermocyclers, automated extraction equipment), QA/QC (gel electrophoresis, fluorometer), as well as necessary general laboratory equipment necessary to conduct molecular biology research. 

Current services provided:

  • Illumina NextGen sequencing (MiSeq and NextSeq 2000)
  • 16S Amplicon sequencing 
  • Library preparation for Illumina sequencing 
  • qPCR quantification for Illumina libraries 
  • Agilent 4150 Tapestation analysis:  
    • High Sensitivity DNA  
    • DNA  
    • Genomic DNA  
    • RNA 
    • High Sensitivity RNA  
  • Fluorometric Quantification (e.g. Qubit Analysis) 
    • dsDNA (High Sensitivity, Broad Range) 
    • RNA (High Sensitivity, Broad Range and Extended Range) 

Future services include:

  • Oxford Nanopore Technology (ONT) Sequencing 
  • Library Preparation for ONT Sequencing 

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