Biology work-term report requirements and instructions

All students in Honours Biology Co-op are required to submit a work-term report to the Biology Department for evaluation. Your report must follow the Biology Work Term Report Guidelines. Your report will be evaluated with the Biology Work-Term Report Rubric (PDF).

If you have an 8-month work term you must submit a separate report for each term by the submission deadline if you are required to write two reports.

Submitting your work-term report


All Biology work-term reports must be addressed to the Chair of the Biology Department and submitted to Jeannie Redpath-Erb in B1-381 by the 10th day of lectures in the study term that follows your co-op term.

Top 10 Missed Points

Below are the common mistakes made on work-term reports:

  1. Spacing between units. There should be a space between the numerical value and unit symbol (e.g. 5 mg, 100 mg/L, 1 mM)
  2. "Its" versus "It's"
  3. Consistently formatted in-text references and reference list
  4. Data - a plural form of the noun
  5. Sloppiness in the table of contents
  6. Make sure page numbers are accurate
  7. Make sure the Figure numbers match those used in the text
  8. Number your conclusions and recommendation
  9. Ensure the figure legend describes the figure
  10. Improper use of tenses, e.g. mixing Simple Past and Simple Present Tenses in a single sentence or paragraph