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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

New Microsoft Teams Version

Microsoft has launched a new edition of Teams that will be rolled out to the University of Waterloo during the Winter Reading Week on February 20, 2024. Some computers may already have this new edition installed, but won't work until then. Click New Microsoft Teams Version for a guide to assist in understanding each version of Teams and which one to use. 

Our primary goal is customer service.

We offer computing support for the Faculty of Science. We want to help you...

Stay connected

Get the content you want

Maintain the high performance you need

  • Troubleshooting performance issues
  • Support for malware detection and removal

Connect with resources

  • Setup for meetings/defenses (usually requested through departmental grad coordinator)
  • Faculty member lab bookings
  • Backups for faculty member research
  • Flatbed scanner for student scanning
  • Hardware configuration/hookup, upgrades, and troubleshooting assistance