Remote machine access

Remote access is available for undergraduate students as well as graduates, faculty and staff.

Remote labs for undergraduates | Remote desktop for staff, faculty and grads

For undergraduates

Software for courses is delivered via the Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop at .

For staff, faculty, grads

These instructions will work for on-campus machines that are connected directly to the network with a wired (Ethernet) connection and an assigned IP address. If you do not have an assigned IP address and want to remote into your workstation, please fill out the IP Request Form.

In order for these instructions to work you must be connected to the Campus VPN and be in the Remote Desktop Users group on the machine you are accessing. 

WindowsMac | Troubleshooting

Connecting from a Windows computer

  • From the Start menu search "Remote Desktop Connection."
  • Click "Show Options" and enter the following credentials when prompted:
    • Computer: YourMachineName
    • User name: nexus\yourWatIAMuserid
  • Click "Connect."

Connecting from a Mac to a Windows computer

Mac does not come with built-in remote desktop software suitable for accessing Windows machines. You will need to download a remote desktop client from the App Store in order to access a Windows workstation. We recommend you try the latest version of Microsoft Remote Desktop, since it is developed by Microsoft and is most reliable to function with Windows. Once you've done that, the important information is:

  • Confirm you are connected to the Campus VPN.
  • Enter your registered hostname as ""
  • Use "Nexus\userid" if it's a Nexus machine, or "machine name\account name" if it isn't.
  • Use your WatIAM password.

Connecting from a Mac to a Mac

  • On your workstation:
    • Go to Menu > System Preferences > Sharing
    • Select "Remote Management."
    • Select your on-campus workstation from the dropdown.
    • Select "Screen sharing." Choose a user account on your workstation that you want to be able to share the screen.
    • Notice the VNC address on the right of the dialogue. It should look like vnc://
    • Save your settings.
  • On the other device:
    • Open Safari.
    • Type the VNC address from the above step.
    • When prompted, enter the account name from your workstation and the password associated with it.
  • To close the session:
    • The session can be closed from either side.
    • Click the icon that looks like two windows overlapping and select "Disconnect."

Tips if the connection doesn't work

  • Check to make sure you are correctly added to the Remote Desktop Users group on the target machine.
  • Verify that the machine name is correct.
  • Make sure you are disconnected from any non-UW VPNs
  • Try the fully qualified domain names, one at a time:

Issues or Concerns? Please contact the Science Computing Helpdesk.