Printing to a Xerox printer from a Mac

For this task, you will need:

  • The IP address of the printer (does NOT always agree with the sticker on the printer)
  • The most recent drivers for the printer often downloaded from the manufacturer site (this is usually directly from Xerox and can be found by searching the printer model name e.g. Versalink 7030)
  • Admin access to the computer
  • A userid (code) on the printer (a departmental admin will assign this)

Note: If one wants to print from home while using a university printer via this method, you must use the Campus VPN in order to connect to the university printers. Once this is complete, follow the instructions below:

Download the Mac OS driver for the Xerox printer model and install it by IP address with the default settings.

To print using Microsoft Word

  • Go to File > Print
    • Copies and Pages > Printer Features
      • Feature sets > Accounting
        • Accounting System > Xerox Standard Accounting
        • Enter userid (number); leave the account ID blank
        • Hit "Print"

To print using Adobe Reader

  • Go to File > Print
    • Printer
      • Change “Layout” to “Printer features”
      • Feature sets: Accounting
      • Enter userid (number)
    • Hit "Print"