Research Support

For any assistance or inquiries about the services below, please contact Paul Miskovsky or Kate Wood.

Available services:

Digital storage and backups: 

  • Science-hosted research file shares available on a per-lab basis

System building

  • mediation of computer and peripheral purchases

  • hardware recommendations based on provided system or business requirements

  • custom installs to accommodate older instruments

  • custom networking infrastructure recommendations to accommodate older operating systems that need to be on the network

Hardware and software support: 

  • troubleshooting poor performance or machines that won't turn on
  • repair/replacement of research systems (equipment paid for by PI)
  • assistance with software troubleshooting/installation (it is expected that a point person from the lab will lead this process)

Server rack space: 

  • Science hosts a large machine room

    • fully outfitted

      • networking

      • dedicated air conditioning to maintain a cool, dry environment

      • dry fire suppression

    • rack space is currently available in the machine room

      • can accommodate rackmount or tower-style servers

Additional services: 

  • Please reach out if the service you were hoping for is not yet on our list. If we can't do it, we might know who can!