System building

Usually, system requirements are standard in Science and are fulfilled with our standard Dell build. Sometimes, a custom build is desirable for special applications (heavy graphics, high throughput computations, etc.). Additionally, virtual machines are available. We are happy to collaborate with you to find a solution that meets your needs.

New systems

If you provide us with a budget and the desired specifications (although often one of the two must be flexible), our team will locate a system (or the parts to build one) to meet any computational need. 

Upgrading old systems

Depending on circumstances, it is often beneficial to give an older computer a component upgrade as opposed to getting a brand new machine. Our technicians are able to ensure that any new components will be compatible with existing components. Given an appropriate account code, Science Computing can purchase parts and materials.

Virtual machines

Some computational needs are better suited by virtual machines, essentially software-generated computers. Multiple virtual machines can be run on a single physical computer (usually a server). If you think you would have a use for a virtual machine, please contact Kate Wood or Paul Miskovsky.