IP request form (Science only)

**Note: This form is only for devices in the Faculty of Science**

**For other faculties, please submit an RT to IST for IP requests**

  • To expedite processing of your request, ALL fields marked (*) must be accurately completed. 
  • Please include the information on the wall jack you will be using.
  • Please make only one request per submission.
Has this machine ever been registered on the network before?
eg. computername.uwaterloo.ca (must be unique - you will be notified if changes must be made)
eg. PC Celeron-700 Windows XP
This relates to what type of data is on your computer. For more detailed definitions, visit Section 7 on https://uwaterloo.ca/secretariat-general-counsel/policies-procedures-guidelines/policy-46-information-management.
userid of primary user
personal machine - primary user; University machine - sponsoring faculty or staff member
eg. PHY 2007
Not sure how to find your MAC address? Visit: http://www.howtogeek.com/236838/how-to-find-any-devices-ip-address-mac-address-and-other-network-connection-details/
This is a University of Waterloo permanent staff or faculty member who is responsible for the machine and that would normally be contacted in the event there is an issue with the machine. Same as Owner for University-owned machines. Separate multiple email addresses with commas.
Please include any numbers on the port.