Wired network connections (Ethernet)

Connecting using a LAN connection | Obtaining your MAC address

Connecting using a LAN connection

In order to connect using a LAN connection, your computer must be added to the Host Records on campus. To request an IP address, fill out the IP request form including the following:

  • Your name
  • Your UW userid
  • The department you are a part of
  • The room which the computer is located
  • The desired host name (userid.uwaterloo.ca)
  • The computer's MAC address (See Obtaining your MAC address below)
  • Whether it is a new connection, or if we are changing an old one

Before sending the request, please ensure that the computer is plugged into an Ethernet port and turned on. Once you have sent the request, do not connect the computer to a different Ethernet port, as you may not be able to connect on a different port. If the Ethernet port you are trying to connect to is deactivated, you would need to request port activation

Obtaining your MAC Address:

Your MAC address (or "hardware address") is a unique address that identifies your computer on the network. The MAC address is a part of your computer, so changing operating systems or upgrading it will not change your MAC address. The following is a tutorial on how to obtain your MAC address for various systems. The Ethernet cable must be plugged into both your computer and the wall port in order to complete these instructions.

Windows Instructions:

  • Open the Windows command prompt:
    • In the windows search box search "Cmd" and select "Command Prompt" from the results.
  • In the command prompt type "getmac" and press enter.
  • The first 12-character item under "Physical Address" is your MAC address. Please include this in your request email.

Mac Instructions (OSX Leopard and up):

  • Click the apple icon on the top left and go to "System Preferences."
  • In the window that opens, click the "Network" icon.
  • Make sure to select "Ethernet" in the left-hand box, then press "Advanced."
  • Click the "Ethernet" tab along the top, your MAC address will be listed as the "Ethernet ID." Please include this in your request email.

Linux Instructions:

  • Open a terminal.
  • Type "ifconfig" and press enter.
  • The Ethernet hardware address will be listed beside "ether", please include this in your request email.