A wide variety of instruction and services are available from Science Computing. If you need to contact Science Computing for help, see the contact page below.

Video conferencing

We have a couple of portable kits for custom video conferencing. Contact Paul Miskovsky for more information.


Basic computer repairs and upgrades are available, cost depending on the system. An account code is required. Contact Rick Loney for more information.

Research support

The different ways Science Computing can help support your research.

Our labs

Currently, two rooms of lab computers are available for use.

IP request (Science only)

An IP request form for those in need of an IP. Only for members of the Science department. In order to use a wired connection within the Science buildings, a request for an IP address must be made.

Can't log in?

Troubleshooting information for successfully logging in to various commonly used services. Includes WatIAM, nexus, etc...


Explanations about what one may need to know about the options and capabilities of E-mail. Support is available to assist with adding email accounts (both on and off campus) to mail clients on PC, Mac, or mobile platforms. Troubleshooting for email sending and receiving issues is also available.


Information regarding the proper use of the faculty's printers.


Instruction regarding the various software supported by Science Computing.

Network Drives

Information about mapping the N: and R: drives on your computer.

Microsoft Office

Instructions about using the University's Microsoft Office services.

Getting set-up

There are many things one may need to do in order to be ready for work. This page gives instructions about activating Windows, booking rooms/equipment, obtaining your Employment Confirmation Letter, 2FA/Duo and more.

Contact us

In addition to the services shown above, custom solutions may be available. Please contact us at the Science Computing Helpdesk with any questions or special requests. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • All Science students, staff, and faculty are assigned a WatIAM userid, a WatIAM password, and a corresponding Nexus account as part of the onboarding process. Your Nexus account allows you to log in to our computer lab terminals and access selected site-licensed software in a Windows environment. Your Nexus account also mediates authentication for some services. We support all aspects of these accounts.
  • Troubleshooting of performance issues on PC, Mac, and Linux systems.