Adobe Pro is available "free" via UW site license to all full-time staff and faculty

Installing Adobe ProInstalling Adobe Pro on Nexus Workstations | License activation | Other Adobe products | Signing documents with Adobe

Installing Adobe Pro

In order to install Adobe Pro, you must have administrative privileges on your computer. Your computer must also meet Adobe Pro's requirements.

  • If you have previously installed Adobe Acrobat, uninstall it
  • Download Adobe Pro from the Adobe website
  • Windows: extract the installer zip file, then run "setup.exe"
  • Mac:
    • Open the .dmg installer file
    • Click on the Adobe Acrobat file icon
    • Run "Acrobat DC Installer.pkg"

Installing Adobe Pro on Nexus Workstations

  • Search Windows for “Software Center” and open it

  • Click on "Applications" on the left

  • Click the “Adobe Acrobat” icon in the middle

  • Click “Install”

Activating your license

You will need to sign in:

  • The first time you use Adobe Pro
  • If you have not signed in 99 days
  • If you log in on a second device

How to sign in:

  • In the upper-right-hand corner of Adobe Pro, click "Sign In"
  • Enter your Waterloo email address
  • Select "Company or School Account"
  • Sign in with your WatIAM credentials

Purchasing Adobe products other than Adobe Pro

All quotes are approximate, per user (unless otherwise stated), and current as of May 2023. Adobe products can be purchased at the following venues:

W Store (Anyone)

  • Discounted pricing based on Arts-negotiated UW agreement
  • Creative Suite (includes Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, and several others - a total of ~17 packages)
    • $99.00/term
    • $230.00/year ($19.67/month)
    • Can use a credit card (Anyone) or UW budget account number (Staff with budgetary discretion)
      • to reveal Watcard and Department charge options, you need to be logged into the W Store with your UW credentials

OnTheHub (Students and teachers)

  • Discounted pricing based on UW agreement
  • Creative Cloud for students and teachers (includes Acrobat Pro, Photoshop, and several others)
    • $19.99/month
    • Credit card only (various)

  • Full price
    • Creative Cloud: $117.99/month or $863.88/year ($71.99/month)
    • Acrobat Pro: $38.99/month or $311.88/year ($25.99/month)
  • Student/Teacher discount
    • Creative Cloud Annual Subscription
      • $311.88/year ($25.99/month) for the first year
      • Thereafter $467.88/year ($38.99/month)

For further information please contact

How to sign a PDF file

The ability to add a virtual signature to a PDF can be done with both the free and pro versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. The instructions are the same for both the free and the pro version.

  • Click the purple pencil icon entitled "Fill & Sign". It is located in the panel on the right-hand side of the screen.
    • Alternatively, click the pen icon entitled "Sign document by typing or drawing a signature". It is located in the top toolbar if you already have a PDF open in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  • A purple "Fill & Sign" banner will appear at the top of the screen. Click the "Sign" button on that banner, then click "Add signature" from the dropdown.
  • You may now choose to either type your signature in a cursive font, draw your signature with a mouse, or upload a photo of your signature.
  • When finished, click "Apply". You can now drop your signature anywhere on the PDF document by left-clicking. Change the size of the signature by dragging the corner of the signature.
  • Press the "Close" button to make the signature permanent on the PDF file. Click the Save icon to save your work.