Our mission and vision

Our undergraduate program is Canada's finest, offering a range of options in astrophysics, optics, biophysics, mathematical physics, quantum computing and condensed matter physics.
Our co-operative program is renowned world-wide, and has given our students the advantage in obtaining employment in industry, teaching and research.
Our graduate program offers opportunities at the forefront of research in both experimental and theoretical physics.
Our partnership with the Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics gives our students a prime opportunity to work on the most challenging questions today in quantum gravity, cosmology, astrophysics and quantum computing.
For students interested in the most exciting and rapidly emerging areas of experimental research, we have developed an Institute for Quantum Computing that has brought together researchers in optics, condensed matter physics, mathematics and computer science to work on the challenging experimental problems in quantum information theory.
Our faculty are consistently recognized for their outstanding work in research and teaching with many awards, including Distinguished Teaching Awards, Herzberg Medals, Premiers Research Excellence Awards, Sloan Fellowships, and Cottrel Scholars Awards.
This tradition of excellence is our pillar of strength as we stride toward future accomplishments.