About the Committee

Our EDI Committee is comprised of students, faculty, researchers and staff who care deeply about making our department a welcome, supportive, and inclusive community. Our current committee is made up of the following members, with several subcommittees working on focused initiatives.

Meet the Team

Faculty & Staff

  • Chair, Director of WiPA - Karen Cummings
  • Faculty Representative; Associate Chair, Undergraduate - Adrian Lupascu
  • Faculty Representative - Melanie Campbell
  • Faculty Representative - Jamie Forrest
  • Faculty Representative - Alan Jamison
  • Faculty Representative - Brenda Lee
  • Faculty Representative - Crystal Senko
  • Teaching Staff Representative - Victor Arora
  • Teaching Staff Representative - Meg Ward
  • Administrative Staff Representative - Anabela Bonada
  • Administrative Staff Representative - Holly Haig-Brown

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

  • Graduate Student - Kaylee Biggart
  • Graduate Student - Urja Nandivada
  • Undergraduate Student - Kat Bogopolskaya (PhysClub)
  • Undergraduate Student - Debra Chemutai
  • Undergraduate Student - Courtney Kates (SciSoc)
  • Undergraduate Student - Sarah Rourke (FemPhys)

Contact Us

You can reach us directly at physastroedi@uwaterloo.ca with your questions, comments and concerns and we will respond as soon as possible.