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Course offerings/availability are subject to change, be sure to complete your Graduate Degree Program Form and register early for courses on Quest. 

Reading courses need to be set up by the instructor and the Graduate Program Manager. Once the course is set up the student is responsible for registering self into course by emailing instructor permission to the Graduate Program Manager to obtain a permission number, or using a Course drop/add form if open enrolment is no longer available. 

Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) course offerings

Please note that you if you are not enrolled in Perimeter Scholars International (PSI) you must get permission from 

  • the Associate Chair of Physics, Graduate Studies, University of Waterloo
  • the Academic Program Director, Perimeter Institute, and
  • your supervisor, and 
  • demonstrate that participating in any PSI course does not create a conflict with any of your other TA or course obligations.

For any questions regarding the scheduling of PSI courses please contact Angela Hovdestad (

Expected offering cycle

Course Title Notes

Fall term

PHYS 701 Quantum Mechanics 1 annually
PHYS 704 Statistical Physics 1 annually
PHYS 767  Quantum Information Processing  annually
PHYS 781 Fundamentals of Astrophysics odd years
PHYS 782 Fundamentals of Astrophysics 2  even years
PHYS 786 Introduction to General Relativity with Applications to Cosmology odd years

Winter term

PHYS 705 Statistical Physics 2  odd years
PHYS 706 Electromagnetic Theory annually
PHYS 714 Nonlinear Optics even years
PHYS 733 Special Topics in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics annually - topics vary
PHYS 739 Quantum Many Body Physics  even years
PHYS 751 Clinical Applications of Physics in Medicine annually
PHYS 752 Molecular Biophysics annually
PHYS 785 Introduction to Quantum Field Theory for Cosmology even years
PHYS 787 Cosmology odd years

By request

PHYS 771 Special Lecture and Reading Course reading course
PHYS 773 Special Topics in Physics reading course
PHYS 776  Special Topics in Physics reading course
PHYS 777 Special Topics in Physics reading course
PHYS 788 Special Topics in Astrophysics  
PHYS 790 Special Topics in Gravitation and Cosmology   


PHYS 768  Special Topics in Quantum Information Processing annually - topics and term vary
PHYS 703 Quantum Field Theory (to be revised in grad calendar) under review
PHYS 709 Green's Function Method  
PHYS 710 Atomic Physics under review
PHYS 716 Special Topics in Subatomic and Nuclear Physics  
PHYS 745 Special Topics in Experimental Physics  
PHYS 747 Optical Electronics  
PHYS 769 Special Topics in Quantum Information Processing  
PHYS 775 Inter-Institution Exchange  
PHYS 784  Advanced techniques in GR and Applications to Black Hole  

Course offerings updated 12 June, 2024.