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Customize your degree with minors, options, and more

If you're interested in more than one subject at Waterloo, many programs allow you to add additional areas of interest. Most minors and other specializations start in second year. 

Minors available to all Waterloo students

A minor consists of 8-10 courses which you would complete as part of the 40 or so courses for your degree. If you meet the requirements for a minor, it becomes part of your degree. For example, you can earn a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Anthropology with a minor in Political Science. You can view each minor's requirements below.


Other ways to customize your degree

These certificates, options, and diplomas are open to all Waterloo students. Courses you take towards your degree will count towards the certificate, diploma, or option. In some programs, e.g., Engineering, you may need to take additional courses.



Program-specific specializations

Many of Waterloo's 100+ programs offer options and specializations within that major/program. 

Double majors and joint honours

In many programs, you can choose a double major or joint honours degree. This allows you to focus your studies on 2 main areas of interest. Of the 40 or so courses needed to earn your degree, most would be in your 2 majors.

A double major is 2 areas of interest within the same academic faculty while a joint honours involves subjects in different faculties, e.g., majoring in Anthropology (Faculty of Arts) and Biology (Faculty of Science).

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