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Grade 12 success 

Worried about your last year of high school? No need. Here's a list of tips to help you have the best year yet.

Tips for a successful final year of high school
Building a résumé before university
Creative ways to save up money for university
Best apps for studying and time management
Tips for managing stress as a student

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Choosing a university

Not sure where to start? These articles will help you navigate the process of finding the university and program for you.

How to choose a university program
How to find the university that's right for you
Nine things to consider when choosing a university
What to do when you can't decide
Choosing a program at Waterloo

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Living at Waterloo 

Unsure of where to start when it comes to residence? Check out this guide to find the right fit for you!

What kinds of residence are there?
Ten reasons to join a University College
Your guide to Living-Learning Communities
Roommate relationships 101: tips for living together
Virtually touring our Waterloo residences

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Student experience

With two universities and a college, the city of Waterloo is home to a diverse student population. In such a student-centric city, there's no shortage of things to do!

Getting involved at university
Athletics and recreation 101
Looking after your mental health
Waterloo: the ultimate student town
How to deal with stress in healthy ways

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Financing your education

Searching for ideas about paying for university? Look no further! Here are tips to save money for tuition and to make the most of your money.

Tips on paying for your university education
What does university cost?
Financial vocabulary 101
Budgeting for your first year
How to get a summer job

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Planning your career

Wondering where to start and what steps you need to take to get your dream job? Still trying to figure out how to choose a career path? Let us help.

How to choose a career?
Explore potential careers with co-op
What can you do with a communications degree?
How to become a lawyer
How to become a teacher

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Collections of answers to your biggest questions about university.


Applying to university

Finding a university program you'll love. Plus tips for applying to university.



Careers and co-op

Careers, further education, and thriving in Waterloo’s co-op program.


High school success

Making the most of your high school experience from students who know what it takes.



Humans of Waterloo

Stories by and about the people of Waterloo — past and present.


Student life

Clubs and sports, the city of Waterloo, residence life, and more!




Scholarships and bursaries, part-time jobs, and making the most of your money.


Health and wellness

Staying healthy and fit – physically and mentally.