Ultimate guide: Tips for Grade 12 success

Student wearing jean jacket holding several textbooks in arm

Written by Waterloo's student ambassador team

How to be successful in school and have a great senior year!

So, you've made it to your final year of high school! No doubt there's lots to look forward to as you enjoy having spare periods, take advantage of more specialized classes, anticipate prom and final year trips, and of course, prepare for the next adventure – university!

As university students, we remember what our final year of high school was like. There was so much to think about regarding our future, but there was also a lot of pressure to make memories with our high school friends. It can be overwhelming!

That's why we've compiled a list of tips of how to be successful in school while enjoying your senior year and preparing for what comes next.


Now that you're in your senior year, you'll likely be thinking about how to prepare for what's next. You can set yourself up for success by thinking about your work experience and financial resources, and how to build on what you already have. If you start early, then by the time you get to university, things like résumés and budgets will be second nature. 


High school can be stressful – we remember! Unfortunately, university can also be stressful at times. There are so many tools out there nowadays that can help you manage your time and your stress levels. Here are some of our most valuable tips and tricks to help you as you take on more and more. At the end of the day, believe in yourself. You will get through this!


We have a few final pieces of advice. Whether it's a unit test or a major exam, studying is, and will continue to be, a big part of your life as a student. So check out our tips for preparing for tests and exams. 

Also, if you're not good at speaking up in class (when it's your turn, of course), now is a great time to start practising. Participation is a big part of your university experience, and you'll want to be prepared for what's expected of you. 


So there you have it! Go out and enjoy your last few months of high school. High school can be such a fun and exciting time, and if you follow our advice above, it can also be a great opportunity to prepare for university. Good luck!